I was successful in work and in life.
But there was more to my story.

Before becoming a therapist, I rose through the ranks at financial services firms and in product management then ran businesses for global advertising agencies.

Thanks to talent, tenacity, privilege and some luck, I eventually made it to the top. I was living in New York City, making good money, flying here and there and leading teams of smart, talented people. Life was an adventure.

Until I became utterly burned out.

Sure, the relentless pressure to hold everything together all the time, the near-constant travel and the expectation of 24/7 availability took a toll.

But there was something else going on, another culprit behind my burnout that I could only identify with the benefit of hindsight and my current perspective as a seasoned therapist.

I didn’t know who I was at work.

More specifically, I didn’t know enough about:

Who I was – what made me uniquely me

Who I had to be at work

How I responded to the demands of my work

I was getting help, but something was missing.

Looking back on my time in the corporate world, I now know that if I had the right kind of help I would have understood the deeper realities about myself that influenced how I experienced my work.

I would have had practical guidance so I could become more effective, on the job and outside the office.

I would have had a healthier relationship with my job and experienced greater contentment, at work and in life.

That’s what I want for you.

Discovering who you are at work will change your perspective. And your outcome.

Over the years – based on my own experience, my training and expertise as a psychotherapist and my collaboration with clients who work in a wide range of industries, organizations and roles – I’m convinced that the most important question we can ask about what we do for a living is ‘who are you at work?’

It’s the cornerstone of the unique approach I’ve developed that helps you consider what’s worth knowing about yourself and your experience of work, find ways to meet the demands of your work while making the most of what you bring to it and make more informed choices in your work life.

My innovative approach is:

Informative: as the old saying goes, ‘you can’t grow if you don’t know.’ Self-awareness and knowledge are catalysts for growth, and growth enables you to open the door to new possibilities including transforming your relationship with your work.

Guiding: we make a multitude of decisions about work – decisions like what education and training we pursue; what makes an organization, its mission or culture a good fit for us; what roles we take on or seek out. To make informed decisions about our work and career, it’s crucial to know not only what skills, strengths and interests we possess but also what drives our sustained satisfaction and fulfillment and what depletes or diminishes us.

Corrective: Navigating through pain points in our work lives is inevitable. It’s how we respond to them that truly matters. I help you interpret your pain points and differentiate growth edges from warning signs. Together, we explore not only the external factors contributing to these pain points but also the internal dynamics shaping your response. We collaborate to understand the nuances of each situation and identify opportunities for course correction so you can navigate challenges effectively and build a fulfilling and sustainable career path.

Preventative: since history has a way of repeating itself until we take time to understand how and why, I help you learn from your experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly. This ensures that your future is shaped by informed and mindful choices and not trapped in a cycle of repetition. Reflection and introspection can be a powerful defense against problems like job stress, imposter syndrome and burnout.

Consider this

Your professional identity is more than what you do for a living. It’s who you are at work.

I’m here to help you discover the power of getting to know who you are at work. Get in touch so we can get started.

Understand your professional identity for greater success at work and in your career

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