A goal-oriented approach for when you need focused support, concrete solutions and constructive action to help you realize your full potential, at work and in life. 

What is Problem Solving Therapy?

Problem-solving therapy is an evidence-based, solution-focused approach designed to help you address challenges with clarity and efficacy. Like coaching for work problems, career questions or personal growth, Problem Solving Therapy focuses on the here-and-now and equips you with skills that enable you to achieve sustained growth. 

I am a certified Problem Solving Therapist

As a seasoned therapist, I am skilled in many therapy methods and I adapt my approach to best meet the challenges you face. When you need help identifying and resolving specific problems that are hindering your personal or professional growth, it may be time for Problem Solving Therapy. I can help you:

Solve the right problem: By accurately identifying and addressing the root cause of your problem rather than merely addressing its symptoms, you can invest your effort, time and money in meaningful solutions that lead to tangible improvements.

Cultivate motivation : Approaching problems in a systematic way helps you overcome inertia and feel motivated to take constructive action. When you do, you’ll benefit from the proven principle ‘improvement follows action.’

Reverse the downward spiral: The longer problems remain unresolved, the less we feel ready and able to take action to address them. Then our feelings get involved and even thinking about small steps can feel like we’re digging ourselves out of a hole.

If your problems were straightforward, you would have solved them by now.

The strength of Problem Solving Therapy lies in its systematic and structured approach which makes it adaptable to a wide array of challenges you may face at work or at home including:

Navigating Conflict
Managing Emotions
Imposter Syndrome
Engaging in Meaningful Activities
Social Anxiety

Let’s roll our sleeves up and get to work on what’s been missing in your prior efforts to solve your problems.

If you’re looking for an evidence-based alternative to coaching for work and life in Austin or around Texas, get in touch so we can explore how we may work together. I’m here to help.