My approach is holistic.

I know that when one area of life isn’t working, it affects all other areas.

I also know that addressing issues in one area of life can have a profoundly positive impact on other areas.

What concerns you?

  • Work-Life Balance: I can help you navigate the often competing interests, demands and priorities of work and life. If the demands on your job are taking a toll on your wellbeing, I’d like to help you find ways to recover from burnout and cope more effectively with job stress.
  • Relationships: Whether it’s family, romantic or professional relationships, I’d like to help you have more satisfying connections and improve your communication skills to enhance your interactions with others.
  • Coping with Emotions: Since powerful feelings like anxiety, depression, loneliness or overwhelm can hijack how we think and feel about work and life, I’m here to help you learn effective ways to cope so you can improve your mental health at work and in life.
  • Recovering from Trauma: Trauma can have a profound effect on every aspect of your life, including your personal wellbeing and experiences at work. If you’re confronting workplace-related trauma, personal trauma or any form of emotional distress, I’m here to support you.
  • Identity and Self Esteem: Gain self-awareness and develop a deeper understanding of your personal strengths, values and goals – what makes you uniquely you. If you’re experiencing imposter syndrome, I’d like to help you move beyond conventional wisdom and put this nasty dynamic in its place.
  • Motivation and Drive: Whether you’re struggling to find the drive to pursue your goals or find yourself repeatedly confronting blocks, I can help you fine tune the intricate dance between motivation and procrastination. For high achievers, I’d like to help you maintain your success while navigating the pressure that often accompanies it.
  • Life Transitions: Major life changes can be overwhelming and intimidating. I provide support during transitions like job or career changes, relocations, personal milestones and grief and loss.
  • Counseling for Career Questions: Whether you’re at a crossroads in your career or seeking a new direction, I can help you get to know who you are at work so you can make more informed decisions about what you do for a living.

If you’re in Austin or around Texas, get in touch to explore how we may work together.