I was successful, in work and life.

But there was more to my story.

Before becoming a therapist, I rose through the ranks in product management and at financial services companies then ran businesses for global advertising agencies. Thanks to talent, tenacity and some luck, I eventually made it to the top. I was living in New York City, making good money, flying here and there, and managing a team of smart, talented people. Life was an adventure.

With the benefit of hindsight, I understand now that my fancy titles at work didn’t describe what I really did for a living. I can see now that the roles I was drawn to, how I approached my work and what I had a knack for took a toll. In life, it became more and more difficult to keep my job in perspective and to have any sort of work-life balance. Fear, doubt and dread became near-constant companions. Burnout was just around the corner.

I eventually found relief by changing my career and becoming a therapist. Looking back, I know that if I had the right help I would have understood the deeper realities about myself that were influencing who I was at work. I would have had practical help to become more effective, on the job and outside the office. I would have had a healthier relationship with my job and experienced greater contentment, at work and at home.

That’s what I want for you.

I am now a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (License #53033) in Texas and practice right here in the heart of Austin. I’m passionate about offering therapy for your work and life in Austin and throughout Texas. I earned my Masters in Social Work from The University of Texas at Austin, and my MBA from New York University. I remain active with my development as a therapist and a member of our community.

Clients would tell you that I am curious, open, genuine, creative and pragmatic. I respect diversity of all kinds and am committed to working and living in ways that acknowledge and honor differences.

Mary Lynn Marinucci, LCSW-S, MBA offers Therapy for Work and Life - East Austin and throughout Texas

Central Austin Therapist Mary Lynn Marinucci, LCSW-S, MBA

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