I help professionals think more deeply about their work and make more informed decisions about what they do for a living.

Who are you at work?

Answering this question will change your perspective. And your outcome. Let’s collaborate to find ways you can meet the demands of your work while making the most of what you bring to it.

Should I change careers?

It was the toughest question I faced when I navigated my own major career change. And it’s why I developed Considering Career Change, a short term group for professionals at any stage of the career change process – from curious to committed.

Different from the work of understanding what career could be next, I show professionals how to apply self reflection, proven principles and best practices to get clear on whether a career change could be right for them.

My unique approach is due diligence for career change.

It illuminates common causes of career change inertia, helps professionals get unstuck and gain momentum, and enables professionals to sidestep career change pitfalls.

Read more about how I help professionals in Austin and around Texas get clear on whether career change is right for them. Get in touch if you’d like to explore how we may work together to answer your career questions.